Friday, August 28, 2009

I think that I am a little homesick.

Not the kind of homesickness that one feels when they leave home to go to camp for the first time, I love Utah and it feels like home here with my husband. But there is still a certain dull aching and longing to go back to my roots, back to the place where I was raised---the Northwest, if only for a small visit.

I miss the ocean, mostly. The rocky beaches, salty wind, seagulls, and smell of seaweed. The air at sea level is rich and feels so good to breathe in, it makes jogging less of a chore. I miss the tractors in the fields, the rain, and the bald eagle pair who live in the tree next to us. I love the diversity of the people that live there. You make the most unexpected friends and get to know so many interesting and wonderful people. And of course, I miss how incredibly beautiful that it is there. All the hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking that I did growing up has only helped me to appreciate it all a little more when I lived there, and now that I am away, miss it that much more.

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Deb Lamb said...

I'm homesick for YOU! Wish you could come visit.